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What Are The Holy Grails Of Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery (plastic surgery Malvern) will be better every year. Faster, simpler, more complex programs, almost all body parts have more and more natural results. Surgery is becoming more “minimally invasive”, avoiding the use of longer surgeries and long-term and complex recovery. In fact, many surgical procedures have become “ancient” and have been replaced by non-surgical treatment. However, even today, some of the challenges of the past still exist, plastic surgeons still do not have the best answer, but we are working hard! These are the “Holy Grail” of plastic surgery:

Is there a unique and truly effective way to treat the shadows under the eyes (lower eyelids)? Really do not have. This is partly because these shadows are caused by a combination of very complex factors. In the lower fat airbag of the lower eyelid, the fat fullness and/or the gap is insufficient along the edge of the eyelid, the capillary “breaks” the lower middle eyelid, and the dark pigmentation on the lower eyelid skin, in whole or in part if lucky, plastic surgery Malvern The surgeon can determine a dominant and treatable cause that, once properly treated, will result in significant differences. However, due to some drugs, chronic allergies, excessive stress and lack of sleep have also affected this problem, it is still “difficult”.

Is there an effective, non-invasive way to tighten the skin of the face, neck, arms, abdomen, thighs and other problem areas of “relaxed skin”? We are going very far in this sector. In the past five years alone, laser technology has greatly improved the way the facial skin is cured. But we need more. Many patients have not achieved the desired level of adaptation. Then some people are considered for cosmetic surgery simply because we don’t have enough technology to make a reasonable choice. Regarding the body, there are currently no acceptable non-invasive techniques that can be used reliably and consistently to consolidate the skin. Laser liposuction, ultrasonic liposuction (liposuction possible RF) can help restore elastic skin retraction, but these procedures are invasive and do not provide an effective form of skin relaxation. For the skin to present without significant residual resilience, we have designed a range of very effective surgical elevators in almost all areas of the body, but we are still waiting for a real method of non-surgical peeling.

Is there an effective way to melt/circumvent non-invasive fat on the face, neck and body? Have you noticed an increase in the activity of this idea over the past two years? Many techniques have emerged: external lasers that spin and shine skin (such as fat is in the supermarket UPC code) or cold steel plates, which press and “freeze” the fat slowly under the skin. . It is asserted that these methods cause fat to dissolve after a period of time. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, these things… are effective to some extent… but only when they are combined with a consistent diet and exercise program. These are certainly not substitutes for liposuction. You may have heard about fat fusion injections? It may be a good idea, but it is still not considered to be perfect enough to qualify for security, effectiveness or consistency. A smarter solution might be to save money for the HIFU ultrasound (high-intensity focused ultrasound) being developed. There is no incision, no surgery, only “sound waves” are applied to the outer surface of the skin, and then the skin is harmlessly transmitted through the skin to the underlying fat, where it breaks the fat cells. It sounds pretty good. we will see.

Is there a long-lasting, high-volume synthetic injection filler that can be used to improve/fill areas such as the breasts or buttocks? The fillers we use for the face work very well, but they are limited to relatively small volumes and each syringe is very expensive. But one of its big advantages is: a simple program in the office, your doctor doesn’t have to do anything, just start with a box on the shelf. How about these huge versions for larger fill requirements and more reasonable costs? We have heard that products like Restylane are used in this way in Europe (why is still in use in Europe?) is called “Macrolane”. In any case, this is clearly in the “Grail” stage. We must ensure that her body fat is currently the only available bulk filling product. This fat won’t be “listed” at all, and you may not have enough to do what you need to do. Sorry.

Are we closer to having a “clearer” permanent laser hair removal form? As this technology improves every year, the answer is yes! Currently available technology is softer, less risky, and able to eliminate hair for long periods of time. But we can do better. Today, it is considered a long-term success, even if the hair becomes “thinner” or lower density and is not really removed. Sometimes we can make this area free to send for a long time… but not necessarily forever. One day, “laser hair removal” will produce permanent and hairless results. We have not yet.

Where do we find ourselves using non-surgical, safe and effective ways to stimulate permanent hair growth? Rogaine has been around for many years (the Minoxidil patent expired 15 years ago!). Help, but the effect is modest and temporary. Propecia has had a temporary effect since 1997. Don’t talk about side effects. So, haven’t there been new or better things for more than a decade? Sorry, but that’s right. We have these weird “laser combs” and similar “low level laser” treatments, claiming to stimulate hair growth when used frequently. The truth is: we are not closer to a better answer.

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