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The video game industry has become a bastion that cannot be defeated even by a recession. With $64 billion in annual sales, you have to go elsewhere to feel the impact of the current economy. Video games (먹튀) have changed from fashion to beasts, and they have battled with other hobbies and entertainments and become a necessity in everyday life. There was a war between politics and other technologies, but no one killed the dragon. From the unstable and unpredictable beginning of the first commercial home system to this huge transformational technology; many products come and go for 40 years. But what is charm?

Produced from the missile defense system of the 1940s, the first interactive video game called OXO was made in 1952 using a wand like Tic Tac Toe. Mainframe universities are beginning to use, and most of the games are made by personal hobbies, which means production is minimal, and the games are forgotten. The arcade system and home console were activated almost simultaneously and the use of joysticks was introduced. In 1971, the Galaxy game was installed at the Stanford University Student Union and after 1972, extended to eight arcade games in 1979, and the color arcade system was introduced and sold. In 1972, the Magnavox Odyssey family system was launched in the United States. UU, the cartridges used (which become programmable later) use bridges that activate/disable multiple switches within the unit that change the logic so that multiple games can be played in the same system. The 1976 competition was programmed into the chip and inserted into a plastic box. Now, instead of programming the game into the system, you can have a game library.

It’s an unmanageable behavior to promote the most innovative technologies and have the most popular games while making a profit. In 1977, Atari introduced the Atari 2600 (formerly known as the second generation console). During the holidays, the company launched nine games to help increase the popularity of the system. In 1980, Mattel launched Intellivision with its superior graphics to create a video game business. In 1982 ColecoVision joined the competitive hotbed of this new trend. Although the store shelves were filled with these choices, the industry experienced a second decline in 1983 due to lack of consumer awareness and too many choices. Many game consoles have come and gone.

In Japan, the return rate of video game companies has risen. 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) is sold with the Super Mario Bros. By redesigning the controller with D-Pad and several buttons, NES is the foundation of future consoles. The NES has a decade of domination, but games require more processing power for graphics, games, and space savings in order to compete for supremacy. During the NES reign, many factors and inventions brought hope and tension to players and developers. As the Internet gives way to online multiplayer games, home console companies are looking for the latest components of their systems. In the early 1990s, Sega Genesis launched and slowly occupied the market, but it eventually had an impact. Due to large game libraries and 3D graphics, the rise of game categories has led to court interventions and challenges for content distributed by these companies. They complained that “the game is too violent and looks too real.” The court did not realize that their final comment was the reason why players were more hungry at each exit. The new law breaks the fight by setting age limits for those who can buy violent games, but this is not the last war the video game industry will face. In 1991, Nintendo released an argument for Super NES and Sega. Although both are 16-bit systems, Super NES is too slow. Therefore, the recipe of the game console has become an excellent graphics, processing and game (먹튀).

Mobility is another issue raised by the industry that has led to wearable systems. In 1980, they walked out of the screen, but it wasn’t until 1989 that Nintendo launched the Game Boy and then installed a laptop. Although Sega and Nintendo are in a state of power struggle, PlayStation made its debut in the console market in 1995. With the release of PlayStation on CD au lieu de cartouches, it constitutes an autre jalon et une base or industry, but PlayStation still does not get support from some markets and game companies until they realize that CDs have more data and are cheaper to do. This will lead to a counterattack on their own CD console. Nintendo 64 has been successful, but even with the use of ink cartridges, the cost has driven the game company, and Nintendo began to lose the title of the game. Nintendo created the CD-based system GameCube, but games that lack adult and small libraries are not as popular as PlayStation. Sega launched Dreamcast in 1998, and its built-in online gaming modem was the pioneer of the Con console online game, but it failed.