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Elimination of bed bugs has been a problem for humans since the beginning of Greece and the beginning of the European medieval period. In the United States, at the age of forty-five, the war on insects was almost acclaimed by the frequently used insecticide DDT, which almost eliminated tiny blood-sucking insects. However, this pesticide has been banned decades later because it has an adverse impact on the ecosystem and threatens the survival of several animals.

The ban on DDT has changed the way we treat small animals and cause the recovery of bedbug populations. In recent years, the invasion has not only been our home, but also the way our hotel’s, theaters and shops. . For example, this growing intrusion is quickly becoming a serious problem in many urban areas of New York because it appears to be the most affected city in the United States.

The ideal habitat for bed bugs is where the weather is usually hot and dry and can be eliminated with best bed bug killer. Considering that this man is able to provide the most suitable environment for these creatures, such as heating buildings, this section explains why these creatures can extend their tentacles to the cold climate of the north.

What do insects eat?

When you fall asleep, the bedbug feeds on blood and feeds you or your pet. Bug bites are similar to other insect bites, causing itching, swelling and redness on the bitten skin. However, it is good that small insects do not transmit diseases harmful to humans or animals; but for some people, bed bugs can cause severe allergic symptoms that may cause anaphylactic shock.

How to get rid of bugs?

Most insects are temperature sensitive and there is no difference in bed bugs; they are sensitive to cold and high temperatures. Therefore, the use of temperature to eliminate bed bug invasion is safe and effective. Pest control professionals use steam engines to treat mattresses, furniture and cold gases and electronic devices to kill insects hidden inside. In other cases use best bed bug killer.

So, what options do you have to get rid of bed bugs?

First, minimize clutter so you can find blood-sucking creatures. Once you find them, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the blankets, cloth, plush toys, clothing, jackets… rinse them in hot water at about 160 degrees Fahrenheit to get rid of all the insects vacuum cleaner without killing eggs or newborns See what your clothes might be.

Then, separate the mattress from the mattress and separate the bed frame to reveal all the cracks that the insect can hide. Vacuum and thoroughly clean these areas with products such as Eco Living Friendly or Non-Contact Anti-Aggression Spray. These products are non-toxic and do not cause bedbug damage.

Unlike insecticides, these products for insect treatment are 100% ecological and safe for children and pets, hospitals, hotels, workplaces and, of course, your home or apartment. They are made from natural ingredients and can be pre-mixed. In addition, they are effective in treating acne, mites, lice, fleas and other insect problems.

Now, turn your attention to mattresses and spring mattresses; check each element for tears or openings as this will allow the insect to survive and reproduce. If you find these creatures hidden in your mattress and/or spring box, you will usually use a controlled insecticide to kill them. However, due to the limited use of pesticides, a better solution is to use a mattress cover and a bed cover that completely seals the mattress and spring mattress. You can also spray these products with the above natural products and use the right cover for dry sealing.

Now, focus on furniture, remove items from tables, bedside tables and dressing tables; inspect furniture from the inside out, and use 100% natural insecticide to clean all areas where insects may be hidden.

Because these insects like to live in cracks and cracks, it is recommended to seal the holes in your house to allow or allow insects to live in these holes. Use putty to seal walls, skirting boards, cracks around windows and pipes, and let insects enter your home; remember to check the molds, because these narrow places make the nesting site the perfect choice for bed bugs.

In addition, you need to seal the outside of the house. Eliminating any bird or bat nest and eliminating rodents using your home is also essential. – Infect your house.

Once this is done, you will need to use a stiff brush to clean each infected area in your home to remove any eggs that may stick to the surface. Thoroughly vacuum and discard the bag in a sealed plastic bag to avoid contamination of other areas with live bed bugs.

If you use the listed environmental cleaners to clean, you can skip this cleaning phase because these non-toxic sprays can even kill insect eggs.

In short, the implementation of the specified steps and several other steps can help you get rid of prayer errors and keep them away, so that it is only a one-time problem.