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Have you ever thought about how to turn your favorite hobby into a beautiful life? Temporary tattoo are the perfect solution.

You must first find the right product. There are many options to choose from and you need the best choice. You can choose hand-painted temporary tattoos, water-based transfers, alcohol-free tattoos, color inks, reusable models, facial and body paints and many other products.

The most important thing is to “sell the buzz” and create your name. These may be temporary tattoo by Raymond or Sally Temp Tatts. Make sure you have a large and colorful logo and a lot of tattoo art photos and image samples so that people can see that you have a real tattoo studio. The crowd and color attract the crowd.

Once they see you and are inspired by tattoos, people must understand what you are doing. Invite, but never push people to buy. If someone is a bit shy, just tell them to enter the studio instead of staying behind and look through the window. Always use tattoos so you can prove that they are not a problem and they work.

Let you go back to the crowd so people can see what you are doing. Give them time to look at different tattoo designs, and when they turn to them, they don’t waste time deciding which one they want. Then you can work quickly and efficiently.

The perfect high-tech tattoo application takes 20 to 30 seconds. This way you can make a lot of money. The cost of each tattoo for your inventory is about 30 cents, and each is priced between $3.00 and $5.00. Once the tattoo is complete, provide the customer with a card explaining the details of your tattoo and phone so that people can go back or notify their friends.

Be careful when working outdoors. If it is windy, your gun may be blocked. Having a backup product allows you to switch to another method immediately, so that even if there is a power failure, you can continue working without losing money.

Avoid henna in major events, because drying takes a lot of time. It’s best to dye the henna tattoo into a private date, giving you time to dry.

Remember to carry tattoo paper with you so that if someone wants to apply a custom tattoo, you can create an immediate drawing.

It is very important to show your temporary tattoo. The best way to do this is to use an adhesive plate to place the tattoo image on the side of the board. When the customer makes a purchase, remove the tattoo and apply it. This leaves a blank in the table that must be filled quickly. In this way, the customer can only see what is in front of him and you will move all his actions.

Make sure your workstation is very clean and well stocked. Wear uniforms with logos in obvious places. You never sit down and work. It’s easier to stand up, and you can easily move the client to apply tattoos to all parts of the body.

Always add free colors. Indicates that you care about adding value and providing good customer service. Tell people that the main reason you do this is to encourage young people not to have permanent tattoos. The idea of ​​trying before buying will help you make an informed decision to avoid any regrets.

Then you have to start working in the nightclub. Bring your kit to the club and advise the owner to provide a free tattoo certificate for each beverage purchased. Then let the customer choose any tattoo on the applicable chart for free. The club pays this service fee in advance, half of the time before the event and the balance of the day or night. After paying the prepaid check, please confirm the appointment date. Everyone’s a winner, customers can get something for free, the club will be rewarded with happy customers, they will come back and pay for it.

In doing so, talk to other tattoo artists and ask them to send customers to try different tattoo designs. Your customers can really think about the design and where they want to apply it. They don’t have to be eager to be happy with tattoo artists because they don’t want people who can’t make a decision.

Everyone benefits, you will always have a paid job.

Temporary tattoos can be a success in the secret television and film industry. You will build a lot of connections and you will have many opportunities. You will make a lot of money, you will love every moment. Enjoy a temporary tattoos for adults.