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How Much Does SEO Cost, Are Cheap SEO Service Any Good?

Today I would like to pursue an important question: How much does SEO actually cost? SEO costs between less than 100 euros per month up to five-digit amounts. But what is the right budget?

Billing Models: Flat – Monthly – After Success

In principle, SEO has three billing models:

  • Unique: If an SEO only once over one page look – about an upcoming relaunch – makes sense. The effort is pre-calculated here, the result also.
  • Monthly Seo Services: This is the most common billing method. For Money X, customer gets Y performance every month. SEO is never really over, so this billing method makes perfect sense.
  • After success: who settles “only on success”, uses this as a selling point. While some agencies offer a performance-based component, I do not recommend a 100% money-back guarantee. Let’s put it this way: From the SEO agencies that I know and value (and I know many), nobody offers a money back guarantee.

Were you contacted by cold call?

If someone has contacted you by cold call, ie by phone, e-mail or even fax, then the likelihood in my opinion is very high that you have not come to a good agency. Good SEO agencies do not need phone cold calling in my opinion, and the good ones I know do not do it. Sometimes these people even call us and offer us search engine optimization – I always like to make an offer 🙂

There are bad email spammers who contact millions of users every now and then. First look at something in the imprint. Is there no or is it not within Germany or Austria, then the offer is probably very dubious. Of course, there are also good agencies outside Germany – but they usually do not contact you by email.

Unfortunately, that’s not enough, because some scammers have unfortunately resorted to using German imprint addresses, which do not exist at all. My tip: Googlet just the address. If it exists, check Streetview to see if it’s an office address or a private home. You can also work as an agency from your private home (that’s how I started it), but the team of 20 employees becomes rather unbelievable.

Cheap SEO Services

My tip to future customers: Look carefully at what Cheap SEO Services are included and how much effort they prepare. What do you pay for the money? In principle these are two types of services:

Concrete services:

Revision of landing pages, writing texts, building links and much more can be written directly as billable services in the contract. Important: A number should be set. For amount X you get Y landing page revisions per month or Z links. Those who simply “revised landing pages” often only do that for a few months and then no longer. Therefore: Check the number in the contract!

Hours / man-days:

Another billing model is the billing of hours. This is more flexible and more transparent for both the client and the agency. I’ve become a strong fan of it by now. In my opinion, a contract either includes the number of hours or the number of “things” you produce. If your agency does not, then ask why.

Minimum contractual period

Many agencies still require from their customers contract periods of 12 or even 24 months. Who signs this, will not come out sooner. Personally, I would not sign that with anyone. For what? The only advantage is that the agency can then calculate much better. Unfortunately, I do not see any benefit for the customer. We at Seokratie work with a three-month notice period.


What SEO ultimately costs, you can not say so directly unfortunately. 100 Euro per month is definitely too little as an agency Cheap SEO Services – it’s worth a cheap SEO tool sooner. Ultimately, it depends mainly on the benefits. What do I get for my money? It is much more important than discussing these matters in advance with the service provider and agree in writing. If then the specified services / hours make sense and are reasonably reasonable with common sense, then everything fits.