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solar powerbanks work like mini solar panels. The photovoltaic cells present on the power bank capture the energy of the solar rays and convert it into electric current. This electric current has two uses. It can directly recharge your electronic device;

Or, in the case of hybrid powerbank solar, it can be stored in a battery built into the solar powerbank.

It will then recharge your device later!

What is the charging speed of a laptop with a solar powerbank?

Well, we are nice, we pass you all the calculations, because with a solar battery, it depends a lot on the sun. On average , a power bank with a solar panel of 15W will put between 1h30 and 2h if it is well exposed and in full sun. And between 3 and 5h if the weather is rain or clouds!

Do you want a more precise duration? Take the test of a solar powerbank yourself and share it with us. Or, for the more studious of you, you can do a little math: The charging time of a battery depends on the power (in Watt) of the solar powerbank, but also on the voltage of the current (in Volt) and the capacity of the battery (in mAh – milliamps per hour).

So you just have to make the following report:

Charge Time = Battery Capacity / Current Voltage / Battery Power.

Let T (min) = X (mAh) / Y (V) / Z (W)

When your cell phone or tablet reports low battery and you do not have access to a power outlet, it becomes very annoying. Today, with the evolution of technology, it has become possible to use only solar energy to operate your devices even when you go hiking. This is the case of the solar powerbank that uses the sun to charge your various electrical devices and allows you to save on your electricity bills. But even by focusing on the size and autonomy of the latter, it is possible to make an unwise choice. the purpose of this guide is very clear.

Being a great farmer , I find myself mostly outside my home town, to spend a few days in my small village where my plantation is located to control the evolution of my seeds. But once in my plantations, I often run out of battery. I therefore remain unreachable until returning home. Knowing that I can often need to call urgently, I thought about the different ways to stay in touch even in my field. the powerbank solar is the solution that I found and until today, it has not disappointed me. In fact, if I can not carry electricity with me in my plantations, I have at least sunlight permanently and it really helps me. You will have to try too, it’s fantastic!

The best portable solar powerbank:

It is a convenient power bank for smartphones and tablets. Waterproof and lightweight, it has a power of 24 Watts and an energy efficiency of 22-23%, with quality photovoltaic cells. It has three independent USB I Smart ports of 2.4 ampseach and simultaneously charge a tablet and two smartphones. This I smart technology is made to automatically detect the optimal current to ensure a charge as quickly as possible and without risk of damaging your phone. With solar powerbanks that do not have an internal battery for storing energy, you can add an external battery to this model that will allow you to continue charging your cell phones during the night. It is highly recommended for campers or hikers who will not have access to an electrical outlet for several days.

The best USB solar powerbank

Super compact and foldable, this power bank has a power of 25 watts, and every part that folds is a mini independent solar panel, which will turn solar energy into free energy to recharge your electronic devices wherever you are. This is a higher energy conversion than average solar panels, and moreover with the TIR-C technology it benefits from, its USB ports are equipped with a smart chip that recognizes the connected device. and adapts the current supply according to the specific needs of that particular device. Lightweight and easy to carry, you can charge two of your devices at the same time with two USB ports. You can use it outdoors without damaging your power bank because the USB pocket and solar panels are fully waterproof.