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Due to the introduction of high-intensity discharge lamps or high-intensity discharge lamps for the first time in the BMW 7 series, more and more cars are installed every year. Soon, they will become the standard in the automotive industry. The reason is that the amount of light generated by power consumption is greatly improved compared to standard halogen lamps compared to HID lamps. This reduces the size of the headlamps and provides better illumination than previous models.

In operation, HID lamps burn metal salts, providing 2,800 to 3,500 lumens, while halogen headlights provide 700 to 2100 lumens. The benefits of having a HID lamp are obvious. However, manufacturers are slow to address some of the issues related to the implementation of new technologies. For example, HID lamps require a higher voltage than normal bulbs to function properly, sometimes as high as 85 volts.

In addition, they may take a few minutes to warm up and begin to produce full output. This can be solved by using helium instead of argon. In this way, they can produce a minimum of enough light when turned on. This is why the car light is called a xenon lamp or xenon brenner.

The most important issue with these lights is illuminating. They produce a 40% increase in reflectivity compared to conventional bulbs. This huge light is a danger to all drivers from the other direction. In addition, the accumulation of dirt on the lens increases glare.

Therefore, according to ECE 48, the lighting system requires an automatic beam leveling and lens cleaning system to prevent glare from damaging other drivers on the road. Another problem with these lamps is there mercury content in the old bulb. The new type produced since 2004 is mercury-free but incompatible with older systems.

In general, incompatibility is a major problem with these lamps, which is why they are widely used. It is almost impossible to install a HID bulb in a filament bulb headlamp. In fact, it is illegal in almost every country because it causes intense illumination and HID bulb failure.

In addition to the competition, you can choose from a wide range of choices depending on the color and temperature of the high-intensity discharge lamp. From 5000 K to 12000 K, you can choose as needed. If you have seen the strong reflection of a luxury headlight, you will usually pass the other side or rear view of the road. The blue-and-white tone of the suffocating light caught people’s attention. Not long ago, high-intensity discharge (HID) headlamps were designed for high-priced cars. Don’t worry if your car is not equipped with HID. You only need to be connected to the internet, and there are many online stores that offer HID lights for your Honda. The Honda HID kit includes all the accessories needed for the conversion.

There are kits on the market that offer a complete headlamp with an HID bulb, but the old models do not have an automatic beam leveling and cleaning control system. Lenses, which are useless for most people. Finally, the cost of these lamps is significantly higher than that of halogen lamps. However, this is offset by low fuel consumption and lamp life.

All of these issues will definitely slow down lighting to become the dominant type of the automotive industry, but this will not stop it. The benefits of this system are too important to be lost. Most of the problems will be solved in the next few years, and as most new cars are equipped with HID headlights, we will see more and more on the road. Find more about xenon brenner.