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Buy Instagram Likes And Followers- Is It Safe?

The temptation is great, I know. You see strangers who have a reputation Instagram (and a fortune) in the blink of an eye and you do not exceed the 1000 followers. Did you know that for a few Euros, you will be able to cross the 10,000 followers in the blink of an eye? Is this synonymous with glory? One of my clients tried it. He gained 25,000 followers in one week. During the following month, he regretted it. Why ? Some of the reasons are detailed in this article:

1. Lack of relevance

Regardless of your business, people who follow you because they do not really want to, will never become a fan or a customer. They will only be part of the measuring instrument of your vanity. My customer bought 25,000 followers (buy instagram likes and followers) based around the world. Some of them do not speak French, most come from countries where their products are not even sold. Instagram has more than 400 million active users every day and is a platform with a huge commercial potential. Believe it or not, entrepreneurs always go head to head on Facebook mainly because they have not completely understood how to use Instagram.

2. No reaction

The vast majority of the accounts that will follow you are robots or empty accounts. And most of them are closed regularly by Instagram. In the case of my client, this resulted in a loss of 100 to 200 subscribers a day.

3. Your account becomes a spam hub

Accounts that are not robots or fakes usually have an “agenda”. It may be to share their political views (which are usually extreme) or to advertise their own account. You can expect to see comments that advertise extreme right-wing platforms to sexual gadgets. And they will all be focused on your profile that the whole world will be able to see.Surely you can delete them. But are you really online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can you do it before someone else sees them? The worst thing is that people who sell you Instagram followers will also follow some accounts in your profile. Again, you may never know who’s following you until it’s too late.

4. You will get a very low commitment

Although not all of your purchased followers are robots or zombie accounts, there is no guarantee that they will be interested in your profile. You will not get any money for that, because whatever your followers (buy instagram likes and followers)number, you will get little or no reviews and comments.

5. Your reputation may suffer

An informed eye can easily know if an account has bought its fans or not. Do you want your competitors to discover your actions? Even worse, do you want your customers to discover that you are buying fans? Whatever activity you are in, it will certainly affect your reputation. A long time ago, five years, to be precise, had been discovered that Lady Gaga had bought followers (buy instagram likes and followers)on Twitter. Of course, she did not do it herself. Maybe she did not even know it. But the media had a lot of fun covering this story. The rules of Instagram expressly prohibit the purchase of followers (buy instagram likes and followers) The rules of Instagram strictly prohibit you from doing so. You may think it’s possible because others do it. An Instagram purge can cost you as much as 50% of your fans. And yes, Instagram can also close your account without warning or recourse.

But there is also good news!

Instagram ads are relatively inexpensive. Moreover, unlike Facebook, Instagram allows you to classify organically. So you better invest 10 to 100 € (which you would have spent to buy subscribers) on advertisements and get real people who follow your brand. Moreover, with a good use of hashtags, you can (still) easily grow organically.