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This criticism is one of the entire generation of Indians who have come a long way today. Playing the game’s DataEast baritone will give Amu Bubak a meager air, seeing them announce the “Avenger” on the 3D real blue big screen, we survived. This week, we reviewed the Avengers Alliance, a unique film with more than five superheroes who are doing justice for them. This is the full review of the Avengers.

Rocky, a former with the Golden Horn, in the movie Raytheon made life difficult for Thor with the Hammer of Thor, executed with an unknown race, an alien race deal that would help him open a portal attack to take his revenge Earth Loki did it said And stole Tessaracat (a McGruber, if any) and opened another portal to the world attacking the Earth. Loki stole Tessaract, took over a group of scientists and Hawkeye under his command, and opened a gateway to bring aliens to Earth.

Since Nick Anger and Shield never encountered this threat, they made a new plan, they created the Avengers, a team that had the best superheroes on the planet, in their own words, “If they can’t save He, they are retaliating against him. “How the Avengers saved the planet in this way, which constitutes the rest of the story.

The movie has a complicated scene, and surprisingly it lasts for more than two hours, and no one moment you don’t want to see the Avengers doing what he does is amazing. There are Iron Man, Green Giant, American Captain, and Raytheon, as well as Black Widow and Hawkeye.

Some fans will think that the game time of Hawk and Black Widow will be reduced, or their characters will only be full of space, but this is not the case. Both have fairly complete roles. When it comes to movies with seven characters, four of them have their own movies, and the characters Hawk and Black Widow are very good.

The best performance and feature is a mix of Iron Man, Hulk and Loki. These three characters are well written, and you want to go out and rent all the Marvel movies, just to find out what these characters are doing all their lives. The best part of the movie is the conversation. Each character has a conversation that makes it the best.

The dialogue for all characters is first class and you don’t want to move your eyes after the interview. The movie will be slightly delayed before a while, but we should reduce it a bit because they have to present seven superheroes in a movie. Everyone has his own moments and the movie, of course, to answer Comiclore’s oldest question: What if Mjolnir hits the captain of the Captain America? We are – wait, etc.

Loki is pure evil, and Iron Man is still a shameless and extravagant person to save the world, because no one else wants. And The Hulk, he easily became one of the most chaotic characters in Marvel’s history of the universe. Captain America and Thor with Hammer of Thor added value to the ongoing chaos on the screen with their ancient school concept.

The sequence of actions is pure, purely pure fun. Although we still think The Incredible Hulk’s lens is the best action shot in a superhero movie, the half-hour battle sequence in the Avengers is very close. In order to put it in a capsule, the Avengers is a super powerful, well-made superhero movie that pays more for you than ever before. If there is any pain I am suffering, then the Marvel Comics character is more or less an old-age discussion of popcorn than a deeper, darker character. Now both worlds have become movies, and for those who want darker, more intense superhero movies, the Avengers are not the best choice.